Westinghouse Lighting 0124000 Ceiling Fan Housing, 4-Pack

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The Sidemount Plus Fan Box allows you to safely install a ceiling fan or light fixture without access to attic space, and provides secure attachment to an existing ceiling joist. Ideal for remodel applications, it can be installed in finished ceilings through a hole large enough to fit the box. To install it in a finished ceiling, simply mount the bracket to a joist through a 4-inch hole in the drywall, pull the wire into the box, and remount the box to the bracket. The Sidemount Plus features a heavy-duty, 2-1/8 inch, all-metal electrical box, with 21.5 inch wiring capacity. The box is UL listed to support fans and light fixtures up to 70 pounds. Features dual mounting capability, with 10-24 threads for heavier fans and fixtures, and 8-32 threads for cover plates and lightweight lighting fixtures. The Sidemount Plus Fan Box, includes sidemount bracket, electrical box, one Romex clamp, Saf-T-Cap, mounting hardware, and instructions.